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A Blog Post about the 80s
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The Good Ol’ 80s

The 80s was a very prominent decade. This decade brought many new innovations and culture within America that is still relevant to this day. We still adopt the 80s pop culture into our own culture. However, not all of the 80s were pleasant. During the 80s the AIDS epidemic became recognized, the Civil War was still happening, the War on Drugs was reinforced, and many other issues occurred. But the 80s did advance with technology. I don’t know a lot about the 80s but hopefully during this time with Digital Storytelling, I will learn more about this interesting decade.

This picture sums up the majority of the 80s pop culture. For example

  • Get into the choppa
  • The’s name Spock
  • I guess you’re a chicken

Luckily now we have treatments to better combat AIDs. We don’t have a cure, but we are better prepared than the 80s.

VHS?! VHSSS? If you don’t know what these are you were born at the wrong time cause these were the jam. The rewind was the worst part about them but yes. But look how far we’ve come!



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