Post COVID-19 Trailer

Post Covid-19

The radio show group and I decided to come together and make a documentary about life after COVID-19. We had many options such as

Group Video Project Topics:

  • Pandemic Video
  • 80s version TRL (with current songs remixed to sound like they are from the 80s)
  • News or morning show (80s style) discussing COVID-19
  • Post COVID-19 video¬†
  • 80s yearbook – we would each take on famous or influential 80s persona
  • Review of some 80s products (movies, toys, music, etc)
  • What if movie trailers were honest 80s edition

As you can see we had a lot of options but after our meeting, we decided on post-covid-19. Kyle made a Zoom call and we met around 8 to discuss what we should do. We are looking for a comedic approach to the situation that has affected all of u. Just to raise the spirits. Next week we will set days of when to produce, record, and edit our videos. We will make a schedule this week coming up so we can finish the project.

The Witcher Scene

The scene I chose for my video essay was the Genralt and Renfri fight scene from the Netflix series, the Witcher. I definitely had to rewatch the scene several times so I could see the film-making technique being used. The technique I chose was the camera and its movements. The camera’s movement played a big part in how this scene was portrayed. When I really looked into the scene I was surprised and impressed with how the camera followed the movement and emotions of the two individuals. For example, the camera moves around the characters as they fight, matching the intensity.

For this video, I went onto iMovies to do a voice-over narration. I lowered the volume down on the video so you could hear only me. I then saved the video to my iCloud and uploaded it to Vimeo. And then I embedded it here using the Vimeo button.

Week 9

Due to the predicament that we’re in this week was a very light week. This week we went over the radio shows that we did and the Breakfast club show went really well. I enjoyed the concept of interviewing people from the 1980s. I went into detail in my blog post. We also gave ideas for future projects which I go more into detail in my blog post. I also had to rework two assignments that I’ve done in the past and the ones I chose were Tongue Twister and Contradiction Creation.

Breakfast Club

I really liked the idea of interviewing people from the 80s. The host’s mother really went in-depth about the music culture and the fashion in the 1980s She said when MTV was created the kids were able to see new artists on tv rather than afternoon shows or in concerts. The artists helped influence kid’s culture and lifestyle. The host also interviewed her father. He was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson (who wouldn’t). The commercials were on point as well. Another key point I learned that people had to dress weirdly in order for them to be known.

I enjoyed the music transitions. The show really did flow together I felt as if they were all in the same room. The music really matched with the topic. And hearing my radio show with everyone else I felt so…honored. Hearing the group discuss their topics and me being the host was very exciting.


I decided to rework the assignment Contradiction Creation because of the situation we’re in. This picture is from California in the 1980s. California right now is under statewide quarantine due to the Coronavirus. So for this Contradiction Creation, I changed it to where COVID-19 gives a quote about the situation that’s occurring in California. All I changed was the quote since the picture was from California. The process was simple. I went to Pixlr again and just modified the text within the picture. I then downloaded the file and added it here using the image button. I was trying to keep in touch with our current situation since it is affecting the ENTIRE world.

Another assignment that I redid was the Tongue Twister. I knew the first time I did it I messed up a couple of times. My tongue literally became twisted from the effort. But this time I wasn’t going to mess up. I was going to get it right and I did. It took some practice and reading the rhyme several times. I also drunk some water, you know to clear the throat before I said it without any hesitation. I recorded myself using Voice memos, converted the m4a file to mp3 file, and then uploaded it using the Audio button.

Week Summary 8

This week was a very easy week. I only had to do two daily creates and they were simple. One was about creating a gif out of a music video. The music video I chose was Life is Good from Future and Drake. I used the Gifit extension from Google Chrome. Another daily create I did was the Bull crap generator where I match the quote with a picture that’s similar. The quote made no sense to me at all. The radio show was a success and I had a good time working with my group members. We were all on board with the topic and we had hardly any complaints or disagreements. Everyone was positive and motivated. I can’t wait for next week!\

Social Media Rewrite Progress


At first, we thought it was due last Friday but it was not. So what we did was go over the topics of the show, choose someone as the host, and set up times to meet. We made sure to upload our audio between Wednesday-Friday. We decided to add just one music for our radio show.


  1. uploaded scripts.
  2. made a guideline of what was going to be ordered.
  3. Everyone sent their audio to the google docs.
  4. Kyle Ortiz edited all of the audio.
  5. Kyle uploaded the show to his Soundcloud.

Weekly Summary 7

This week I had to work on developing my radio show with my group. We came up with Social Media: 80’s rewrite where we will go in-depth about what it would be like if the 1980s had social media. I also worked on the Daily Creates as you can see down there. I did one about my bookshelf, old illustration, and a poem about something you love. For the assignments, I did one about a tongue twister, a meaningful quote, and a song that evokes feelings. I also went over the progress of the group. So far we have creates bumpers, promos, and commercials for the show. We will continue working until we have it complete.

Radio Design

So this is the promo that I thought of for our radio show, Social Media: 80’s Rewrite. I created this promo from Canvas which is a very good website for those trying to design posters, logos, or promos for their shows. The picture on the right is the original design. As soon as I saw that design I knew I wanted to use it. It was enticing and so simple. However, I played around with it, originally having the yellow background as the main color. But then I looked up 80’s theme colors and a common one I saw was yellow, black, and white. So then I decided to add black into the mix and there you go! I then downloaded the picture to my files and uploaded it here using the Gallery button. Now do I believe I could add some more to the design? Yes, I could edit it a little bit more to make it relate to the 80’s theme and our idea.