Chip Kidd & Design

Reading this article about Chip Kidd’s book, Go, really opened my eyes to design. Day to day I walk around and witness so many different designs but I never really questioned it. After reading this article I started looking around my room and asking myself ‘Why was this designed this way?’ The example of the speed bump was a good way of answering this question. Kidd was explaining to his interviewer that the people who created the speed bump had to think about how could we slow down cars in an area with many pedestrians. They could use a sign but people may ignore it. So they came up with a bump that the drivers couldn’t ignore. Design isn’t just about purposefully planning combinations of forms, pictures, words, and meanings but rather design is problem-solving. The design allows the designer to think deeply about the problem they have and then come up with the best solution for the problem. Even in the article, Design in a Nutshell: One-Minute Animated Primers on Six Major Creative Movements, people were fascinated with the Gothic design to the point that it was a part of every design within Europe. Design is everywhere whether we want to accept it or not.

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