Contradiction Creation

This assignment was actually very creative. I enjoyed the idea to have a beautiful picture but a depressing or negative quote. I wanted this to be related to the 1980s so I had a picture from 1980s California. Just look at the scenery. The palm trees, the blue sky, the still ocean, the cars parked together, the sun out. If you’ve been to the beach you understand the calmness that hovers over you. However, the quote just ruins the whole picture, just like having a bad haircut can ruin your day. Who wants to think of themselves dying anytime soon? It’s depressing.

For this assignment, Contradiction Creation, I went to Google and searched for a beautiful landscape. I saved the image and then used my old friend Pixlr to add the text. For the text, I used the Print Clearly font. I downloaded the new image and then embedded it using the Image button.

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