Design Blitz

Color: The white helps bring out the red message. Red usually means something bad or important. Signs that are red and white mainly signify regulations that you must follow. For example, this sign indicates that the object is part of the Fire Department Connections. But the white background helps signify to anyone that this shouldn’t be messed with.

Symbolism: At first I was going to use this photo for minimalism but then I realized that it represents something. The arrows going back and forth are indicating that this specific can is for recycling.

Form/Function/Message: The figure with the graduation cap, the diploma, the ballons, the quote, they all depict a message. The quote “the places you will go” is related to the book, Oh, the Places you will Go, by Dr. Seuss. This book talks about the journey of life and it’s challenging. This quote relates to the picture because of the figure. The figure is hanging on to balloons with their diploma, signifying once they graduate they will open the door to many opportunities.

Minimalism: This photo is simple. The producer creates this box with a picture of their product, nothing else. There’s no words or anything on top of the box. It’s a simple use of directly telling the consumer what they’re going to get. Why tell the consumer when you can show the consumer?

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It took a while to figure out the photos that represent these concepts but I was able to find them. Some I found at my school and others at my house. It was really interesting figuring out how the photos connected to the concepts and I give some insight for each picture I took.

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