Final Project

We did it again! We went big, we thought big, we performed BIG! Working with James, Lilian, Kyle, and Hayden was the best time ever. I had a great group and we did great together. For this project, we decided to go with a radio show Lilian suggested making a sort of Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current popular songs that are remixed to sound as if they were created in the 80s. And that’s what we did. We all picked songs that were remixed and then did commentary on them. Pictures, Video, and Audio were all added into the video to create a masterpiece.

Kyle and James worked on finalizing the project since they had more knowledge with Audio and Video editing. This was our checklist.

Final Project Checklist:

  • Have an interconnected story(Lewis)
  • 80’s theme or Virus theme
  • Combine at least three of these categories: visual, design, audio, video, and/or remixing
  • Comparable length/effort to the radio show/30 stars worth of assignments
  • Each person includes a summary post on their blog where they discuss and reflect on the project

Finding remix songs was difficult to find but I was able to find some songs that I enjoyed. It was definitely easier than previous projects. I did an introductory video that ended up as audio but I’ll put it here so you can see. Overall this project was fun and I had a great time in this class. I hope that everyone stays safe.

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