Horror Text

Horror text between me and Lilian Perez.

Imagine you’re just hitting up your friend just talking about each other’s day and then something unexplainable happens. This happened to me when I was texting my friend Lilian. She told me she was coming to my house because I told her to but guess what? I never did. Apparently, someone else told her. Someone that wasn’t me. And she never replied back to my texts. I’m going to have to get to the bottom of this. This horror text was inspired by the horror text ads I used to see from Hooked. I wanted to make something honestly creepy and I asked my group who wanted to help me. I created a script and sent it to Lilian. We used iMessage to text each other while I screen recorded it. Then I uploaded it to Inshot and added music to it from Freesound. I trimmed the video and readded the songs to fill the whole video.

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