Post COVID-19 Trailer

Post Covid-19

The radio show group and I decided to come together and make a documentary about life after COVID-19. We had many options such as

Group Video Project Topics:

  • Pandemic Video
  • 80s version TRL (with current songs remixed to sound like they are from the 80s)
  • News or morning show (80s style) discussing COVID-19
  • Post COVID-19 video¬†
  • 80s yearbook – we would each take on famous or influential 80s persona
  • Review of some 80s products (movies, toys, music, etc)
  • What if movie trailers were honest 80s edition

As you can see we had a lot of options but after our meeting, we decided on post-covid-19. Kyle made a Zoom call and we met around 8 to discuss what we should do. We are looking for a comedic approach to the situation that has affected all of u. Just to raise the spirits. Next week we will set days of when to produce, record, and edit our videos. We will make a schedule this week coming up so we can finish the project.

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