Post COVID-19 Update

We met on Monday to go over when we should send all of our videos to James Fendely, since he is very good at adding the videos together. My plan for the video was for me to talk to the camera and then continue my narration doing a voice-over various events that occur after post-COVID-19. First I went on Snapchat to record myself doing various events and talking to the camera. After that, I went to Google Photos and trimmed the parts that didn’t need to be there. I went onto iMovie, added all of the parts together and then did the voice-over narration. It went pretty well the problem I did have was trying to find a song that connected to the emotion of my voice. Another problem I had was iMovie didn’t show all of my videos which was frustrating but hey practice makes perfect right? Other than that I was able to finish the video. I strived for my video to be melancholy yet comical. And judging from my group’s response it went exactly as planned.

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