Week 10

Ah, welcome back I hope y’all are doing well. This week I watched videos on how film-making work and read an article about how to read a film. In the article, Robert Ebert talked about the positive and negative positions of a character. It was interesting because I never thought about it like that and the videos from Tony Zhou were very interesting because they made me see how editors edit their movies to bring more life to the characters and how the movements of the character or camera can greatly affect a situation. I also had to do a video essay about a scene from a film or movie. At first, I was going to do the 10 video assignments but then my group convinced me that it would be best to create a movie. So I created a 60-second trailer about life after COVID-19. I created the trailer using TikTok and then did a voiceover using iMovie. I hope you enjoy!

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