Where’s Waldo

Pokemon and Super Smash Bros Ultimate are two of my favorite games so I added them together in this mash-up. I wanted to try Super Smash and Dragon Quest but I couldn’t find a good picture to mash up. But then I found this and I decided to go with Pokemon. The figures Mii Brawlers which are fighters on SSBU. Their skins (clothes) are based on Team Rocket, an organization bent on exploiting Pokemon. So it’s a whole mash-up that fits perfectly. And for the Remix of this assignment see if you can find Waldo, you know the one. So see if you can find Waldo.

For this assignment, Video Game Cover Mashup, I downloaded the picture and uploaded it to Pixlr. Then I added the different titles to it. After that, I uploaded it here using the Image button.

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